What Life Will Look Like In 2040

Hotels - In Space!

Planned by Orbital Assembly Corporation, a new construction company, the Voyager Station has set its opening for 2027. Able to accommodate 280 guests, this will be the world’s first commercial space hotel.

You heard that right. The Golden Age of space tourism is on the horizon. And while guests will get plenty of opportunity to float around in zero G, gravity will also be simulated in many parts of the hotel, permitting elegant bar service and comfortable bedrooms.

Lincoln’s Cars Of the Future

Lincoln Motor Company has unveiled four stunning concept cars, meant to represent the vehicles they’ll potentially be producing by 2040.They’re simply incredible.

All designs are autonomous and electric, visions of gliding beauty. They harken back to Lincolns of the 30’s and 40’s in their streamlined design, but their futurism is still more than obvious. Within, these cars resemble comfortable living rooms far more than the vehicles of today.

Amazon’s Cashierless Grocery Store

One of the benefits of technological advancements has been sparing humans a range of menial, repetitive jobs. With checkout machines already installed in grocery stores across the country, this is an advance that’s coming quite soon - in fact, the first Amazon cashierless grocery store is already open!

“Just Walk Out” technology allows customers to shop for everything they need, simply scanning in as they enter the store. Items they take are tracked and added to a virtual cart - this is simply charged to their account when they exit the store.

Consider - no lines and no waiting. Staff are free to attend to customer care and stocking at all times. It’s not tried and true tech yet, but by 2040, it certainly will be.