Penthouse Living: An Elevated Approach to Design & Architecture

When living in the city, a penthouse is the pinnacle of a luxurious lifestyle. From seeing the captivating skylines to the advanced technology implemented into the amenities, penthouses offer many ways to live like royalty. Every aspect of a penthouse will help you explore further into the world of opulence. Convenience and relaxation will be experienced like never before with private jacuzzis, a separate elevator that takes you right into your home, and smart home technology. Throughout this blog, we will explore the features and services that make penthouses one of the best ways to experience luxury.

Living in the Clouds

Elevate your perspective to new heights by living in the clouds. From sunrise to sunset, you will experience the true beauties of our earth by being mesmerized by the vibrancy of the sun and the mysterious gleaming beams of the moon. With a polished wall of windows, you can light up your entire home with the light of the sun, creating a joyful connection to nature throughout your home. If living on the top floor is not enough privacy, once the clouds set in, you will be engulfed by a beautiful greyish-white curtain offering a special kind of privacy.

Intensifying Luxury

The epitome of luxury, penthouses focus on every aspect of the property to ensure it is at the highest level of living. A main factor that you typically see in most penthouses is how spacious they are compared to other apartments. From the high ceilings to the large open areas, penthouses break the stereotype of apartments being compacted and small. To create this, they use minimal framing to provide a flawless connection from the indoor to outdoor spaces. You will see features that are usually shared in buildings but are instead all to yourself, for example, entire terraces or indoor pools. Another thing that is done throughout some penthouses is to ensure the luxurious feel of the property by knocking down walls to enforce the spacious feeling. This allows the owner to customize the layout of the property to their liking, whether that’s expanding the bedroom or kitchen. The sleek architecture and accessibility of penthouses transcend the meaning of privacy and luxury, as they offer an exclusive experience like no other.


From towering above the concrete jungle of New York to the shimmering mix of blues in bodies of water in California, location is what makes a penthouse. The view is a crucial aspect of what makes a penthouse feel luxurious due to your being on the highest floor in the building and soaring above the city. It is important when either building or buying a penthouse to ensure that the view is breathtaking and something you won’t get sick of easily. Additionally, choosing the right location is important, as you can choose what neighbourhood to move into depending on your needs. The right location will situate you around the thriving community where you can explore the city's luxurious culture, entertainment, restaurants, and overall high-end lifestyle.

Penthouses offer an unparalleled way of living through unique designs and architecture. Your dream home awaits, as you can customize your place to your liking, whether it’s making it more spacious or adding new technological features. From the unforgettable view over the city to the convenience of the location, penthouses will fill all your possible desires, giving you the luxury lifestyle you've always wanted.