5 Wellness Trends to Achieve Inner Peace

Forest Bathing

 Forest bathing is practiced in Japan and it is a way of connecting with nature by immersing yourself and your senses in it. In doing so, you understand the natural world and bridge the gap between its unknown and our known. Forest bathing is the medium through which you can unplug from technology and other distractions of our time and find calm and relaxation in untouched, undisturbed nature.

Ear Seeding

 Ear seeding is the application of seeds from the vaccaria plant to different pressure points in the ear with adhesive tape. Once positioned, you then press the points where the seeds are and stimulate the acupuncture. It is an idea rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and follows the principle of how one part of the body can map itself onto the whole by tapping into the nervous system.

Sound Massage

The concept of sound massages marry ancient eastern practices with modern scientific research. In it, Himalayan singing bowls are strategically placed around the body and are played using felt mallets that in turn create a soothing sound and produce a gently vibration. The theory is that these vibrations release trapped energy and tension that has been stored in the body.

Infrared Sauna

 Infrared saunas use infrared panels instead of conventional heat to easily penetrate human tissue and heat up our bodies before they do the air. What this does is that it penetrates deeper and creates a more tolerable environment meaning you can stay inside longer while increasing your core body temperature by up to three degrees.

Clean Breathing

 Clean breathing focuses on storing up air-purifying plants’ that change absorb carbon dioxide and a whole host of potentially dangerous substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia and acetone, only to give out clean oxygen. Plants such as the ivy, Peace Lily, Orchid and Mother In Law’s Tongue are just a few of the species that people are placing in their homes and relying on to help clean up their air.