Luxury Home Libraries Paired With Their Perfect Personality Types


The ambitious personality likes clear paths and decisive action. They thrive when the picture is clear and a goal is in sight. Modern white shelving and sleek furniture, with a matching modern desk design, is the perfect complement to the ambitious type.


The creative personality appreciates the abstract and seeks occasions to let their mind drift into uncharted territories, whether that be in the presence of others or alone. To match their mental exercise, the luxury library best suited to them would have soaring would shelves, finely carved in rich wood.


The romantic prefers quiet, solitude, and intimate settings in which to either be left to dream or share in close conversation. Their library is cozy, its ambiance softened by rugs and tidy furniture that pulls the scene together.


The traditional personality type has a soft spot for heritage, antique aesthetic, and warm, rich colours, and their library should incorporate all three. Mahogany-paneled, this library features antique desks, close comfort, and intricate detailing.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer loves being the centre of attention, and their library should be the same, captivating guests as the centrepiece of the home. Their library features a ladder, made of the finest wood, along with soft lighting and decadent furnishing.