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Your New Developments Specialists

At Hammond International Properties we provide premium real estate services for new construction of luxury residential and mixed-use developments. We provide developers and investors with unique marketing solutions to effectively differentiate their properties, create the greatest value-per-square-foot, and maximize their return on investment.

We work with you throughout the entire development cycle to maximize your efforts - from pre-development planning through to marketing and sales. Our elite agents customize marketing strategies specifically for your project. Our proven expertise with multiple media touchpoints ensures that we use a vast array of marketing tools to your maximum advantage, including traditional advertising, digital marketing, and a mastery of social media.

Our global presence and awareness attracts affluent investors and purchasers from all over the world and our elite agents have extensive experience serving the unique real estate needs of some of the world’s most discerning individuals.

Market With Confidence

Only Hammond International Properties offers our “Preferred Affiliates Program” - a unique industry initiative that elevates the selling experience for you. We have partnered with some of the world’s most recognized, premium brands. Imagine showcasing your new property with Mercedes-Benz, Steinway Piano Gallery, William Ashley and many other recognized names. Not only are you presenting your project in the best possible light, you’re also marketing the privileged lifestyle that accompanies it. Our innovative program enhances the entire experience for prospective buyers and increasing their willingness to purchase.

For more information about how our “Preferred Affiliates Program” can enhance your marketing efforts, please contact Vance Carmel, Global Marketing Director at Hammond International Properties.

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Discover the Hammond Difference

As Toronto's foremost luxury homes specialist, we represent some of the finest, most exquisite properties in some of the most desirable enclaves in the city. As a specialty brokerage, we understand the unique intricacies of luxury home marketing and always look to surpass all of our client's expectations. We offer a hands-on, white-glove service that embodies the refined lifestyle we represent.

Vance Carmel

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