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January 20, 2016

Traditional or Modern? Which Style Best Reflects You?

by Author

There’s no right answer when it comes to home design, it really comes down to your personal preference. That being said, it is useful to know which style(s) you like best so that your real estate agent can help you find your perfect home quickly.   

Whether you prefer clean lines and open spaces or clearly defined rooms with antique décor, Hammond International Properties has a wide selection of modern and traditional homes available.  


Elegance is the key to traditional design. The exterior and interior rooms of the estate possess an Old World, European, or Early American feel and usually have graceful details and carved moldings.

Neutral colours like beige, cream and ivory, are often incorporated into a traditional home. Wood finishes, elaborate chandeliers and Oriental rugs are all key characteristics.

50 Fifeshire perfectly embodies traditional elegance. The classic chateau style home has a gated entry, cut stone façade, and beautiful wood floors and granite countertops. 


Clean lines, open spaces and simple décor are all symbolic of modern design. This style began to emerge in the early 1900s in Europe, along with the beginnings of the industrial age.

White is the predominant colour in a modern home, with black, red, blue and yellow making appearances as well. Metal appliances made of chrome or stainless steel are common in a modern home, as is glass and plain wood floors.

53 Steeplechase Ave is modernity at its finest. Thanks to its floor to ceiling glass, this stunning residence brings the outdoors inside. With 5 bedrooms, 7 baths and a two-level indoor pool, 53 Steeplechase offers a new way of living.

To book a private tour for either of these grand properties, or to discover other luxury estates in the GTA, please contact a Hammond International Properties representative at 1.877.702.7870.