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December 20, 2018

Top 7 travel destinations for January

by Author

You’ve had your family engagements, overcome your food coma, and the parties are now over. So why not start your year in the most relaxing, refreshing and adventurous way possible? If you’re looking to cure your January blues, here are the top destinations to do just that.



Barbados, Caribbean

This choice might seem obvious, but there is a reason it is one of the most traveled to destinations during the winter months. From bleached-white powdery beaches to crystal clear waters and an incredible nightlife scene, Barbados will never disappoint.


Porto, Portugal

As a travel destination, Portugal is booming. Although the weather might not be as hot as the Caribbean, it is scenic, quiet and highly affordable. From an other-worldly food scene, gorgeous vineyards, and classic European architecture, Porto will treat you well.





With the mayhem of Christmas and New Year’s subsiding, Thailand is as pleasant as it’s ever going to get. From the iconic Kho Phi Phi Islands to the charming and scenic national parks, this tourist destination is one for the bucket list.


South Africa

Amazing food, wine, beaches, world-class hotels, thrilling wildlife and plenty more await you in South Africa. If experiencing the best that mother nature has to offer is what you’re looking for, South Africa’s coastline is the place to be.



Where a Canadian winter might be dull, lifeless and cold, the coast of Mexico is absolute paradise. Exotic, spicy and exuberant. Hot but not-too-hot, and with barely any rain, Mexico will provide you with enough vitamin D to last the rest of the year.


Bruges, Belgium

This cozy and beautiful Belgium city is straight out of a fairy tale. Despite the snow, Bruges offers plenty of reason to stay indoors. Welcoming taverns and candlelit pubs with incredible beer and guesthouses on the canals. You’ll take indulgence to a whole new level.


Matera, Italy

If you’re looking to get romantic this winter, Matera’s pre-historic city is your optimal destination. One-of-a-kind galleries, restaurants, and charming cave hotels are what you can come to expect from this ancient ravine. This future Capital of Culture will see a tourism boom in the next few years, so take-in the serenity while you can.