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January 09, 2019

Top 5 Private Race Track Clubs in the U.S.

by Author

Private race track clubs offer its members a chance to put on a helmet and race around their very own track, with their friends, at speeds that would be considered illegal on most of the country’s motorways. Just like golf, you can test your skills against your friends, and earn your bragging rights — except you will often find yourself traveling at over 100 mph on the pavement – surrounded by acres of lush grass and forested hills, or sometimes a desert! Is there really a better way to crank up the adrenaline, forget about work, and have fun all at the same time?

Here, we have gathered five of our favourite private race track clubs where you can leave your worries in the dust, for at least a few hours.


 Club Motorsports — Tamworth, New Hampshire

 Cut from a mountainside, the track at Club Motorsports overlooks New Hampshire’s White Mountains with over 700 feet of elevation gains and falls over two-and-a-half miles. Since fully opening last year, the club already has 240 members and caters to their wide variety of experience levels. The initiation fee is at $25,000, with $2,500 annual dues. The club is open to members 150 days a year. 

Monticello Motor Club — Monticello, New York 

Monticello Motor Club is equipped with one of the longest straightaways in the country where speeds of up to 170 mph are possible. With more than 475 members, the club is also in close proximity with mansions built by MMC members located just off the property. To make the membership even more enticing, the club has begun to offer sleep-away, teen racing camps as well! In order to become a member, there is a $90,000 initiation fee, $13,700 annual dues, for unlimited driving days.  


Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club — Pahrump, Nevada 

Surrounded by new condos, hotel, casino developments, a $22-million mansion under construction, and an indoor shooting range, Spring Mountain boasts 6.1 miles of asphalt through the desert hill, making it the longest track in the U.S. Soon, it is to expand to more than 16 miles of track after acquiring over 600 acres of land. To become a member, there is a $60,000 initiation fee, and $6,000 annual fee, with 16 track days a month. Keep in mind — there are 80 lots for private condos, starting at $350,000. 


Virginia International Raceway — Alton, Virginia

Virginia International Raceway was once praised by renowned actor, Paul Newman, going as far as saying the VIR is “heaven on Earth.” Open since the 1950s, the Raceway hosted racers from Newman to Carroll Shelby, offering them tricky road courses requiring real skills, with real consequences. The initiation fee here is a steal at $3,000 and an annual fee of $3,200 with 18 driving days.  


The Thermal Club — Thermal, California

The Thermal Club offers four separate circuits, which comes to 5.1 miles in total. With condo sites starting at $700,000, and villas at $2.2 million nearby, The Thermal Club boasts resort-like amenities with its cuisine and service. From its three different restaurants with sommelier service at the Club House, on-site garage, kid’s centre with daycare, to the concierge service tending to private jet needs, The Thermal Club delivers on the promise of a first-tier, VIP experience.