The Royal Flush. Your Guide to High-Tech Toilets.

Finding the right porcelain palace can improve the intimate and private moments at your home significantly.

Here are 3 state-of-the-art toilets that are guaranteed to take a load off your mind.


Numi by Kohler

This sleek but box-like toilet comes fully equipped with seat and feet warmers. By pairing your phone with the Bluetooth-enabled speakers you can play the perfect soundtrack for when nature calls. Select your desired bidet spray pattern, water temperature, seat temperature and more. Never regret forgetting to buy toilet paper again.


Neorest NX2

This one is sure to make your bathroom look more like a time machine. The lid will automatically open and close when you enter and leave the room, offering a more hygienic and hands-free experience. Cleanliness is the top priority for this stool, offering multiple bidet water functions, an adjustable heated seat, and an automatic air purifier, you’ll be gone without a trace.


SensoWash Starck C

If you’re a little timid on allowing your toilet to be too smart, this option could be your number one. Designed in collaboration with interior designer Philippe Starck, this commode offers useful features such as a self-cleaning wand, night light, and spray and dry bidet functions. Constantly contemplating who left the seat up? The SensoWash has two individually integrated programmed user profiles. End of discussion.