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July 15, 2016

The Latest Unique Luxury Home Trends

by Author

Once you have secured the luxury home of your dreams, the next step becomes the interior design. It is up to you to truly make your home, yours. Luxury styles have been consistent for generations, but over time, various unique design trends have emerged that can truly separate your home from other luxury properties.

Minimalistic Designs

Marie Kondo discussed in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, the importance of de-cluttering and organizing your home. If you aren’t in love with an item in your home, then it does not need to be there. Open up your space, as the minimalistic style and design is more welcoming to you and your guests.

Dog Showers

There’s nothing worse than taking your dog for a walk on a rainy and muddy day. Doggy showers are now being installed in new, luxury homes to prevent muddy paw prints throughout your home.

Wellbeing Gardens

Many new homeowners add wellbeing gardens to their homes to alleviate stress and plant plants with health-giving properties. Aspects of a wellbeing plot, like ‘Queen of Herbs’ Jekka McVicar’s Modern Apothecary garden, could add style and substance to borders in many gardens.

Period Perfect

Many homes have rich histories and have beautiful finishes from historic time periods. Period features are in high demand by purchasers, which is why it is important to continue the period theme throughout your house with an experienced architect.

Snoring Room

If your spouse or significant other is a loud sleeper, then this one is definitely for you. Many people are now building a second master bedroom designed for those who are kept awake by a snorer. The second master bedroom typically features a single bed made up ready for when the noise just becomes too loud.