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September 15, 2017

The Best Art Galleries in the GTA

by Author

One of the many charming aspects about the city of Toronto is that it is full of art galleries to spend your evenings in. We’ve picked our five favorite galleries in Toronto to guide you through your inspiration filled adventure in the city.




Art Gallery of Ontario | 317 Dundas St W

As one of Canada’s premier art galleries and a destination for art fans around the world, this gallery is home to several permanent collections as well as rotating exhibits of masterpieces by the likes of Andy Warhol or J. M. W. Turner. There are over 80,000 works from the first century up to the present day at the AGO, and it hosts events ranging from musical performances to interactive performance art.


Katzman Contemporary | 86 Miller St

At the tip of the junction triangle, you can find Katzman Contemporary nestled between working auto-body shops. Director Marianne Katzman presents new images and cultural exchanges with a focus on curatorial interventions and discursive events in this 3,200 square foot space.


Cooper Cole | 1134 Dupont St

Cooper Cole Gallery is positioned in a formerly industrial area where rent is cheaper and space is ampler. This section of the city is given a new life with the gallery sitting amidst auto repair shops, hardware stores, and office spaces, with an appreciation for minimalism and rough feel inside the gallery. Watch and admire the works of major talent like Sara Cwynar at Cooper Cole gallery.

Walnut Contemporary | 201 Niagara St

Walnut Contemporary is a beautiful gallery with pristine white walls and hardwood flooring, which replaced the defunct Canadian Corps Legion Hall. Enjoy the works of local artists like Hugh Campbell Bisset, Julie Gladstone, Catto Houghton, Anna Pantcheva, and Chris Walsh, whose work share an affinity for bold colours and geometric structure.


Loop Gallery | 1273 Dundas St W

Loop Gallery is an exhibition space for a collective known as loop. The works of 40 artists with diverse experience and background grace the elongated wall of this charming space, with a number of moving-image presentations and colourful contemporary artwork to leave you in awe well after you visit the gallery.