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March 13, 2018

Spring Decors to Refresh your Homes

by Author

Here’s a brief look at some of our favourite Hammond properties with Spring inspired décor. 


50 Fifeshire

50 Fifeshire takes spring decor to a whole new level with a few key elements. Natural light is at the forefront of this dainty space, brightening the room with light and airy overtones. White walls combined with light hardwood floors are consistent with calm colours of spring serenity. The cherry on top of the dining room at 50 Fifeshire is the captivating floral chandelier, embodying spring flare and shining a light on the season to come.

56 Mapledown

The key element that brings out a spring feel at 56 Mapledown is the use of wood throughout the home. Light hardwood floors and light wooden furnishing are at the forefront of this space, which brings out the upcoming season in a striking way. The light green wall colour contributes well to the theme of spring as well, particularly stunning with accompanying floral accents.


346 Flamingo

346 Flamingo takes the feeling of Spring to a whole new level of grandeur. The open concept entry is accompanied with a stunning floral piece that functions as the focal point of the space - situated under an open ceiling with a luxurious chandelier. 346 Flamingo brings in natural light from every corner, shining a light on its vibrant interiors and airy concept.