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April 12, 2016

Service That Extends Beyond Real Estate

by Author

Hammond International Properties has carved a name for itself in the luxury real estate industry. Our name is synonymous with exceptional quality and service because we cater to each of our clients’ individual wants and needs.

When a client is selling an estate, we create marketing of enduring value using professional photography, customized brochures, electronic ads and more. And when someone is searching for the perfect home, our team will make sure every detail is looked after, from start to finish. 

But that’s not all we do. Hammond has taken the concierge concept and applied it to numerous aspects of our clients’ lifestyles.   

When someone moves into their new home, our team is able to provide them with a list of trusted affiliates that are located nearby. Whether they need a private school for their children, a place to golf or a new favourite restaurant, you can count on us to connect you with what you need.  

We keep the Hammond community in the loop about local and international cultural events, luxury real estate market news, fashion shows, high-end cars and more. We also extend special offers, such as VIP access to Shen Yun 2016, that compliment the interests and passions our valued clients possess.

Allow us to cater to you. Send us an email at info@hammondinternationalproperties.com and get in touch with us today.