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November 24, 2015

Saks Fifth Avenue to Offer “High Touch” Experience to Canadian Shoppers

by Author

Saks Fifth Avenue is coming to Toronto in February, and the luxury retailer has big plans for each one of its future Canadian customers.

From finding your exact pants size to remembering which colours and styles you prefer most, Saks company wants to know and do everything to better serve clients.

Much like the Hammond philosophy of providing each of our clients with the ultimate white glove services, Saks intends to implement “high touch” experience to lure customers away from the increasingly popular ecommerce and into its store.  

Part of that means taking the personal touch that has existed in luxury retail for years and making it even better for shoppers.

Company president Marc Metrick said he wanted to reverse the declining role of luxury retail in Canada and for that to happen, the role of physical stores must change.

“The consumer is beginning to move towards experiential spending,” Metrick said in an interview with Canadian Press.

At the in-store Saks, the high-touch experience will extend to giving customers their own space to try on clothes in a more private environment, helped by a personal stylist.

Metrick expects to see changes in Canada’s luxury retail market, and one barometer he’s set begins in a social scenario. Today, when a woman is complimented on her dress choice, she is likely to respond by crediting the designer rather than the store where she bought it.

“Twenty-five years ago … she’d say ‘Thank you, I bought it at Saks,’” he said, noting that today crediting the department store’s role is rarely ever heard.

“That’s when I’ll know I’m successful – when Saks is the answer.”