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April 27, 2016

Luxury Travel Trends for 2016

by Author

Luxury travel is all about experiences. From new connections, to exotic cuisine, to once-in-a-lifetime activities, a great trip will give people something they could never experience at home. 

Below are some of the trends travel professionals have predicted for this year. 

New Destinations

Travellers are searching for brand new experiences and are booking flights to more exotic places, like Cambodia and Bali, as a result. They’re also looking to engage in more authentic experiences, like attending a baseball game in Japan or going textile shopping in India.

Food-Centric Trips

Everybody talks about cooking lessons or meeting local chefs, but some are taking things a step further and are going on day-long food tours. Some travellers are even visiting local homes where they cook and eat with the residents. 


Personalization doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it makes a huge impact. There’s an increasing demand for local and authentic experiences that allow clients to create their own local product. For example, tourists can work in a Tuscany vineyard with a winemaker to create a personalized wine, which will then be aged, bottled, and shipped back to them. Resorts and hotels will also be doing more to cater to each unique traveller’s preferences.

Adventures that Give Back

Another trend that’s catching on is the adventure travel that gives back. Travellers will enjoy a unique activity while also helping or involving a community’s life, too. You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro while raising money for educational programs in Kenya or even visit, tag and release endangered sea turtles in Mexico. 

The Human Touch 

Checking in for a flight or activity via computer can be extremely frustrating, and the novelty of digital is slowly starting to fade. Travellers are craving human interaction and emotional connections, and that shift (back) to ‘people first’ is happening.

Consistent Connectivity

Although there are instances when travellers want nothing more than to escape from their phones and computers, fewer and fewer of us want to remain off the grid for their entire trip. Hotels and resorts are making sure quality Wi-Fi is available so their customers can share their vacation photos on social media instantly.