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January 25, 2019

Luxury Home Amenities You Never Knew You Needed

by Author

We’ve compiled a list of 5 luxury amenities that may pique the interest of some home shoppers looking to enhance their current quarters.


Home Theatre

Bring the big picture experience to your home. Recline in your spacious lounge chairs, put your feet up, and never miss a moment when you need to stretch your legs. Take your comfort to the next level with surround sound, personalized interior design, mood-lighting and as many popcorn refills as your heart desires.



Home Gym

Never wait for equipment, listen to your music as loud as you please, and sweat it out in a judgment-free zone. Stay focused and stay fit in the most luxurious way possible, in your own home.



The Indoor pool

Rain or shine. Winter or summer. Start your day by rolling out of bed and going straight for a swim. The water stays at the perfect temperature and you don’t need to constantly transport towels and swimming supplies in and out of the property. Don’t worry about the hassle of weatherproofing your pool either.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Systems 

There’s nothing like the warm appeal of responsibly sourced wood, bamboo, and natural stone. With a massive surge of environmentally friendly home systems upon us, you’ll be able to implement a system that will save energy and save you money. Along with their energy-efficient properties, these systems can make your home look futuristic and luxurious.



The Custom Closet

Imagine possessing your own personal dressing room. A place to store and display your extravagant style and wardrobe with lined shelves, racks, and mirrors. Organize by style, colour, or occasion and make finding the perfect outfit easy. But why stop at clothing? Custom closets can be used as an extra room for any hobbies, collections or as a personal library where you can rest in solitude.