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July 26, 2017

Jet Set with Net Jets

by Author

With a rich history steeped in actual military aviation, NetJets have since been the world class leader for private aircraft business and services. Today, NetJets continues to seamlessly and expertly fill a crucial need – helping its owners save time in order to take care of what’s most important in their lives. They pride themselves on their high safety standards, experienced pilots, a diverse fleet of aircrafts and much more! 

 Here’s how it works: simply purchase or lease an undivided interest in a specific serial-numbered aircraft. Your share size depends on hours needed per year and you are charged only for the hours you fly, not for the time required to bring the aircraft to your departure location. Then enjoy guaranteed access to NetJet’s fleet of aircrafts. You can exchange among all 13 jet types and between the NetJets U.S. and Europe programs. With so much flexibility and added benefit from their programs, it’s no wonder why they soar above the competition.

It doesn’t stop there - NetJets continually strives to improve their offerings. The company recently introduced another Bombardier Global 5000/6000 and Challenger 350 to its collection. In fact, the demand for the Challenger has resulted in a waitlist since the first delivery as it seems to be a favourite for super mid sized cabins.

Moreover, these beasts are designed for longer trips featuring far-flung destinations such as Beijing and Dublin. So dream to wherever your heart desire’s as you could be in your next travel destination within a blink of an eye!