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December 07, 2016

Deck-Out the Halls

by Author

For better or worse, Winter is coming in hot (or, more likely, cold) and it’s time to infuse some holiday season décor into our homes.

Many of us are fortunate to have lovely fireplaces, electric or wood-burning, in our living rooms and dens, so why not harness their beautifully bold presence? This may seem like a rather obvious suggestion but, beyond using it to hang up stockings, most people tend to overlook their fireplace as a centerpiece of home décor, failing to unlock its full potential. Start a fire! A functional fireplace can transform entire rooms, elevating them with warmth, both in temperature and feel. Pushing together a few love seats, chairs or sofas in front of a lit fireplace can create an inviting aroma, ultimately achieving a classic and nostalgic holiday presence in your home.


One of the best ways to invite a holiday feel into your home is through the infusion of seasonal colours. Red duvets and sofa pillows are a couple of effective ways to accent living rooms and bedrooms with themes of the season. Another nice way to invite warmth into your home is to place some scented candles around prominent rooms; on tables, counters and furniture-tops. The subtle charm and enchanting scent of candles will elevate each room, and create a warm feel. 

Decorative wreaths will highlight your front door décor. A wreath hung on the outside of your front door is an eye-catching and inviting touch that your company will appreciate at holiday visits. Some other nice additions to your living spaces can include red and white tablecloths, themed table-top linens or red bathroom towels and rugs to incite a colourful, festive setting.

Achieving winter home décor styles involves harnessing the unique blend of colour, comfort, feel and scent of the winter season. Intertwine your home with these simple, but seemingly elaborate, details to achieve your winter wonderland.