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March 13, 2018

Celebrity Yachts

by Author

Rafael Nadal - Beethoven

The infamous Tennis Star finds his personal escape on the Balearic Islands close to his home in Porto Cristo, Mallorca. His private yacht, Beethoven, is a true super-yacht and his means to get away from the stresses of international tennis competition.

 Steven Speilberg – Seven Seas

Steven Spielberg lives a private life in true cinematic form. His private luxury yacht appropriately named, Seven Seas, is a private oasis that could just as easily be a set for his next movie. The 86-meter ship features a cinema screen and an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall.

Tiger Woods - Privacy

As a household name and polarizing figure, Tiger Woods is one of North America’s most publicised people. His recent play on the course has surged him back into competitive status and he has now emerged back into the public eye. His 47 meter luxury yacht, aptly named Privacy, is his place to drift into a calm state of mind.

 Billy Joel - Vendetta

Billy Joel’s modern classic yacht, Vendetta, exemplifies a 1920s brand of commuter yacht for Long Island and New York navigating. A vessel true to Billy Joel’s personality, Vendetta is an illustration of both functionality and form.

Giorgio Armani - Main

Giorgio Armani is known for luxurious fashion and design. Much the same, his personal yacht, Main, embodies luxury and design excellence. The sleek, elegant and classy design of his brand his perfectly infused within his private utopia on the water.