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October 27, 2017

A Look at the Most Expensive Home in the World

by Author

This listing just arrived on the open market with an astounding asking price of 350 million euros ($413 million)! Here’s an inside look Villa Les Cèdres.

Neighbouring the breathtaking French Riviera and surrounded by grand orchards, palm trees and cedars; Villa Les Cèdres is an unparalleled estate. While balcony views and on-site additions are impeccably scenic, its charming interiors are just as impressively opulent.

Sleep like an aristocrat in one of fourteen bedrooms at this architectural masterpiece. Rooms throughout the mansion are accentuated with elaborately designed ceilings and intricate crown mouldings. It includes a bevy of luxury décor fixtures as well, including captivating chandeliers, portraits, paintings, antiquated French doors as well as many other eye-catching features. It even holds a full library with over 3000 books. Regardless of who the future tenants of this majestic estate might be, it is immeasurably clear that this estate boasts ample space for any activity.

As if it were even possible – the home’s history provides an element of added value to the property. An historic enclave steeped in history; Villa Les Cèdres was built in 1830 and was previously owned by some of the wealthiest royalty in history, including Belgium’s King Leopold. This timeless manor is literally fit for royalty.

Assuming the home goes for the asking price, it will be recorded as the most expensive sale of a residential home in history. Currently the most expensive home is the Clampett Estate in Lon Angeles, going for $350 million in Bel Air.

The most expensive estate in the world doesn’t cease to impress.