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February 17, 2017

A Day & Night Difference: Market Your Home The Right Way

by Author

It’s no secret that photography has become an essential element in the successful marketing of any property. With the landscape of the industry transitioning, and more and more prospective buyers turning their attention to online listing platforms and publications, visuals can make or break a property. Nine in Ten home buyers today rely on the internet as their primary research sources, and 52% turn to the web as their first step. In fact, real estate related searches on Google have grown 22% year-over-year. So what does this mean for those selling their properties? Since the first encounter prospective buyers will have with your property will likely be online, it is crucial to ensure every unique detail and aspect of your home is showcased through an effective use of visuals. With limited time and countless listings to review, buyers will quickly move on if photos don’t reflect well on a property.

Let us help you.

The absolute necessity of enticing photography is a practice that has long been part of our successful approach – and as trends shift and behaviour’s change, our ability to effectively showcase your home has taken the next step. 

We utilize a proven balance of day and night photography; capturing the natural light of the day to feature space and openness, while exploit night shoots to showcase interiors and their respective finishes and details. These are staples of our strategy to ensure your home looks magazine-ready. Beyond that we have introduced new capabilities that include drone photography. We capture stunning aerial views to showcase lot size and a visual overhead of the neighbourhood.

Our roster features architectural photographers well-versed in the art of building design, with an unrivalled knowledge of what type of imagery sells homes. In their words “if you capture the right imagery, the photos will do all the selling.” 

Stylistically guided by major design and architectural publications such as Architectural Digest, our success lays in our ability to seamlessly incorporate all stages of the photography process. From de-cluttering, to staging, to final prep, we elevate your feature property above the competition.

What you do with your property photos is just as important as the photos themselves. At Hammond, all exclusive properties are shown to our substantial international following of prospective buyers and sellers, garnering international exposure for potential foreign purchasers. This includes our website, customer database, social media following, etc. and provides an element of visibility that gives you more than just the traditional viewership of common listing platforms like MLS.

 Interested in maximizing the marketing of your listing? Give us a call at 1.877.702.7870 or email at info@hammondinternationalproperties – because great photography is the key to great real estate marketing.