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November 10, 2016

A Canadian Take on American Luxury

by Author

An American luxury retailer is taking Canada by storm this fall. Nordstrom has expanded their ‘SPACE’ concept into Canada by growing its presence to three locations nationwide. SPACE, by Nordstrom, is an isolated, in-store boutique that neighbours high-end designer departments. SPACE serves as a channel for emerging designers and their buzz-worthy collections. Nordstrom has taken this approach by incorporating SPACE boutiques in a couple of major Canadian cities; in doing so, their SPACE concept will now feature several unique and emerging Canadian designers.

Currently, two of the three existing SPACE departments nationwide reside in Toronto, with the other having previously opened in Vancouver. Nordstrom’s locations at CF Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Shopping Centre have recently been augmented with the newly fashioned SPACE departments, with both launches having featured a bevy of Canadian designer brands and their exclusive collections. 

            Nordstrom’s northern movement reflects their ability as an American luxury retailer to value the importance of the Canadian market, Canadian designers, and Canadian style. This achievement echoes the ‘Nordstrom way’ of consistently delivering timeless yet progressive brands to its consumers. The ‘Canadian modification’ of their brand illustrates their appreciation and dedication to succeed north of the border. Let's welcome Nordstrom, and their Canadian take on American Luxury