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January 09, 2018

5 Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms

by Author

At Hammond International Properties, we are proud to represent a luxurious lexicon of properties with an imaginative character that inspires a life well lived. This week, we are turning your attention back to our exclusive listings to bring you 5 outstanding luxury bathrooms. 


65 Westwood Lane

65 Westwood encapsulates the new art of living with its imaginative design and its impeccable architectural luxuries. Look no further than the bathroom of this magnificent estate to prove it. Enclosed within this marble utopia are two sinks separated by a stand-alone bathtub, a gorgeous glass shower, and wonderful wall mirrors while topped with a stunning chandelier. 


72 Fairway Heights

72 Fairway Heights is a modern masterpiece years in the making. This desirable dwelling boasts a bathroom with boundless beauty. The bath at 27 Fairway is your contemporary canvas for cleanliness and a spa-like sanctuary for the self. This is paradise found.


50 Fifeshire

The main bath of 50 Fifeshire is a perfect place to pause and a refreshing retreat to rinse and repeat. Featuring marble floors and countertop, this bathroom is presented with craft cabinetry that consistently captivates. Discover the private side of 50 Fifeshire in the bounded bathtub of the alluring space. This is inspired living.


121 Elgin

The perfect powder room at 121 Elgin whisks you away to an ageless era, truly encapsulates the luxury of time in a timeless place. This space is a mosaic of style, featuring stunning stripe wall covering, tasteful tiling and a sink featuring marvelous marble minimalism.


186 Pine Valley

His and her bathroom at 186 Pine Valley is a delightful space to create lasting memories. Imagine a morning routine made easier at 186 Pine Valley. Year’s fly, moments last forever.